App Inventor, Hot or not?


With the announcement of the app inventor in Google labs, there’s a lot of buzz out there. App inventor allows for a user with “NO programming knowledge” (according to Google) to simply drag and drop buttons, post pretty little picture and DING your app is created. As much as I love the Android platform, is this really something that’s really as hot as it sounds? Don’t we have enough mindless application out there on the Market already? Do we need to fuel the fire by adding potentially more bad apps? We all know that if an application is not correctly developed it drains the life (battery that is) out of our phones. As much as I loathe Apple, I have to say they have a nice approval process in place for their apps. The app inventor is a kool idea but there needs to be some control over what is released to the market. With the app inventor, everyone in the world can have at an Android application. I can be a really good thing with some boundaries in place.  Check out the demo video by Google, what’s with the cat lady and the cat app?



Raise of hands …
How many artists out there would like to promote their business?
How many artists know zilch about creating apps?
How many artists want them free?

Not to mention that most of the artists (scientists, software developers too?) would rather prefer an iPhone to an Android! The app inventor is a boon to smart phone users. It is an effortless way to create an app. Albeit, keep in mind that dumb apps will not see the insides of  too many an android.

On the other hand, it is obvious that the App Inventor is Google’s attempt to beat Apple at its own game! With over 220,000 apps in the iTunes store, Apple has way more apps to boast than Google’s Marketplace. What better way to out do Apple than to create a humongous inventory (of possibly mindless) apps? Quantity over quality is not going to help anyone sell a  million phones! And also, crappy meow apps are not Apples thing!

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