Nexus One, failed attempt by Google?


Everyone seems to be all gitty about Google’s announcement to stop selling the Nexus One phones online via their website. There are numerous critiques in which Google failed at their experiment in trying to sell the Nexus online only. However, did they really fail?  Do you remember the first Android powered phone, the G1? The hardware, was to tell the truth rather ugly, (and I owned one) but the software was/is awesome! After the release of the G1, there were not many attractive android handset to choose from until the Nexus came into the picture. Google was innovative in the way they set the bar for future Android powered phones when they launched the Nexus. Since the release of the Nexus, the Droid, EVO, Galaxy S and now recently launched Droid X came to play and they sure are giving the iPhone a run for its money! In the Android world, it’s sad to say the Nexus is now antique and all things must come to an end. Even though, the Nexus didn’t stick around in the US market too long Google was able to use it to inspire the next generation Android phones which are thriving in the market. Failed? I think not!
Wat’s your take?
P.S The Nexus will be available in Europe and Asian. Also, it’ll be available still through third party vendors for google developers
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The “iPhone Killer” is dead!

In hope of the amazing evolution of the Android ecosystem, Google has decided to scrap its “super-phone” and officially stopped selling the phone on its web site.

The smart phone, that was supposed to save the world from the Apple domination, suffered a quiet death. Google CEO Eric Schmidt admitted saying that Google does not plan on making any Nexus successors.

Did many people really care for Nexus One?Apparently NOT!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So GoogleChic, what would you like to buy next? A phone that will never go out of style (even with an antennaid!).. An iPhone perhaps?


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