Cross-platform games – GoogleChic vs. AppleGirl


I’ll have to admit, I’m not a gamer at all, in fact I’m HORRIBLE at all video games (probably because of my lack of hand eye coordination). With the release of Skies of Glory which is a cross-platform game,  I say bring it on AppleGirl, let’s duel! May the best girl win!

By the way, I’m banking on the fact that the superior NexusOne with the faster processor and faster graphics rendering thanks to Froyo will easily squash the iPhone (3g)!

Source: engadget


Bring it on! I have been playing it on my iPhone and am all geared up to kick some froyo ass.

Skies of glory is done pretty nicely. SGN and Revo Solutions have opened up an entire new market for gaming companies. The game lets me team up with my iPhone buddies and gun down the fAndroids!

Bad thing for you GoogleChic, you will have to shell out  $4.99 to play it. Or you could just accept defeat!

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