Samsung vs iPhone


The rumors are confirmed! Samsung is giving out free Galaxy S for frustrated iPhone 4 users.  Hey AppleGirl, maybe they can convince you to make the switch, I’m sure a day with it you’ll fall in love!  The Galaxy S spots an amazing 4.0 SUPER AMOLED screen (yes I’m drooling!). The Galaxy S can do everything an iPhone can do and even better! Swype comes preloaded, if you’re not familiar with Swype check out the video below (it’s Swype versus the iPhone and Swype is kicking butt!).Check out the Samsung Galaxy S video below and see for yourselves. Would you switch?

P.S Samsung, wat the hey! where’s the flash? I would have called it an iPhone killer if that wasn’t missing! (arrggg I can see the AppleGirl glowing now)

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Samsung has been making the most of iPhone antennagate buzz with their twitter campaign and advertisements. What Samsung seems to forget is that it might soon be payback time when Apple decides to include Galaxy on the “all-smartphone-antennas-suck” page. 😀

Moreover, GoogleChic why would Samsung want to give away free phones? Is it because they are  not super confident  about attracting customers using the AMOLED screen? Also, its a bummer to hear HTC acknowledge the over saturated color on AMOLED (Considering the fact that HTC  seems  to be the Android flagship nowadays).

Technically speaking, , the resolution on the iPhone is 640×960 pixels and the Galaxy only provides 480×800 pixels. There have been mixed reviews on which one is better and it appears that Galaxy is putting up a fight for the spot.

Galaxy is far from beating iPhone 4 in the hardware section. Critics claim that Galaxy has a cheap plastic case with noisy buttons that vibrate, no front facing camera among other issues.

GoogleChic, dont get carried away with Swype. Would someone buy Galaxy just for the swype feature? I would say Not! Although your video makes it appear as though Swype allows much faster typing. It might actually be more confusing than helpful. The lines that show while the finger is moving hide the other letters. That means in order to use Swype effectively you should know the position of the letters by heart.

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  1. Hi guy, It sounds really good!

  2. Hi guy, It sounds really good!


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