iPhone Blues


Looks like Apple just can’t get out of the limelight. The latest complains are from its iPhone 3G users upgrading to i OS 4. Users are complaining that after the upgrade the phone becomes extremely slow, overheats and drains the battery.

Hmm, an upgrade is suppose to improve the phone not render it inoperable.

When I got my upgrade for Froyo (Android 2.2) it took 2 mins for the upgrade to download and install (I know it took some iPhone users several attempts over the span of 2 days before they were able to upgrade to i OS 4). Froyo increased the performance of my phone, battery life and as a perk it came with some upgraded features. See Apple, this is how it’s done. Better get back to testing in those secret “black labs”, looks like you missed something yet again!


The anti-Apple clan does not let Apple  out of the limelight and more so Apple does not hate it either. If you ask me, they are giving Apple free marketing and making it the most talked about company in tech history.

The iOS4.0 has given a lot of features to its 3G users  like unified inbox, photo camera improvements, support for iBooks, App folders etc. Other than the general slowness everything else seems to work just fine and am sure Apple will soon address that issue. I forgot to mention that the anti-iPhone club loves to exaggerate (inoperable?)

GoogleChic, I wish you had a HTC Desire, HTC Legend or HTC Wildfire. If you did, you would probably be here cussing Google and/or HTC  about your Froyo update. If Froyo is out there to upgrade, why have’nt these HTC phones got it? Because the hardware doesn’t render to it?

An integrated and functional device, that has a unified hardware and software, is what people want to buy. Not phones with hardware from Company A, which refuses to give you the software  made by Company B. Did I confuse you there? Exactly why people would rather buy an iPhone. Google phone business spells Microsoft all over again.

P.S: What kind of a code name is FroYo? Meaning Frozen Yogurt?  Also meaning that your operating system could freeze up and yet be as goooey as yogurt.Yikes!

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3 Comments to “iPhone Blues”

  1. This is exactly what happens to my iphone 3G phone with the OS software and no, I shouldn’t have to buy a new one to get a working phone! (Frustrated with Apple OS4)

    • Ms.PPJ,

      We found you a temporary band aid to improve the performance. Turn off all the spotlight search options via Settings->General->Home Button->Spotlight Search. We hope it works. If it doesn’t, you could try restoring it to factory settings.

      Remember that you have the best phone (that is next to the iPhone 4) in the market and Apple should fix your issues soon enough.


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