Microsoft wants the tablet share!


Microsoft wants to be stubborn and  rub its crappy OS  on the tablet market(again?). A new tablet with Windows 7 will be out soon.

In my opinion, MS should focus on its strengths and not its weaknesses. Its strengths being Windows Office that is used extensively. Carving deeper into its niche by selling cross platform windows solutions might get them back into the game.

Trying to replicate Apple’s iPad is not the way to go. Not for Microsoft, not for Google.


Bring it on! AppleGirl is just jealous that the iPad doesn’t support Microsoft Office.

A tablet that supports Microsoft Office can actually give it an edge. Tablets are much more inexpensive compared to a laptop,  and corporations maybe more willing to invest in a tablet for it’s employees that are always  on the go. Think about it, having to only bring your tablet into a meeting to take notes versus dragging your laptop around. In addition, it can be used in conference rooms to run PowerPoint for presentations. A Windows tablet may not be as appealing to iPad users, but hey  iPad users are just not that sophisticated right? 😉

As for Google trying to replicate Apple’s iPad, don’t flatter yourself ApplGirl.  We wouldn’t want to compare the inferior iPad to the Samsung Tab (coming out Q3)

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