iPad pushes Apple to the top


iPad sales has made Apple the Queen of the portable computer market. Deutsche Bank reports  iPad sales pushes Apple to the No.3 spot as against the No.7 spot without the iPad.

GoogleChic, the Samsung tablet (from your previous post) will not help either Google or Samsung beat this. Someone please help them see the difference between a trendsetting leader vs. a copycat stalker.


Let’s get the facts straight. Google was the first one to offer multitasking on its OS. Who’s the copycat now? Not to mention Apple can’t even offer “true” multitasking. The multitasking that they now offer on iOS 4 is a botched up job, it doesn’t truly allow multitasking.  Wait, sorry, pardon my Apple idiocracy, the iPad doesn’t even run iOs 4 yet. Wake up people there is more out there than a fancy “pad”.

As for AppleGirl’s fancy chart, Android will soon catch up once they release their powerful tablets at the end of this year. Just today, the Nielsen Company announced that Android outsold iPhones in the first 6 months of this year. It’s just a matter of time before people ditch the iPad bandwagon.

P.S AppleGirl, Apple isn’t a trendsetter, the company which you love to hate Microsoft actually came up with that idea first! 🙂

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