Come on over Blackberry defectors!


It looks like Blackberry users are not as happy as they once were. Today, the Nielsen Company released a poll in which 50% of it’s users would defect to iPhone or Android.

BB users, AppleGirl is going to  flash her shiny phone at you and tell you it’s the best out there, but here’s what you should know. Android  supports a easy to use notification system, true multitasking unlike the iPhone 4.   Most importantly there’s “no jacket required” (yes I’m referring to the antenna gate again). In addition, there  are many phones to choose from and your option of carriers unlike the iPhone.

P.S. I hear there are issues with the BB battery cover. Just for kicks, here’s a creative solution to fix the battery cover issue. Fold up a piece of paper and wedge it in to the latch really good 🙂


I don’t need to flash the sleek iPhone to lure the Blackberry guys. According to Nielson, the ratings company, most of the BB users, and more so Android users (see below) already lust after Apple’s iPhone.

As for the multi-tasking, in my opinion Apple has done it rather cleverly. If the multi-tasking on my iPhone saves battery life and resources, and works transparently, what more can I ask for? GoogleChic, I know Apple has defied your Computer Science book by doing something out of the ordinary. But isn’t that why people want to buy  anything that Apple sells?

BB users, you might as well turn into one of the über-cool guys at work than be one of the cube-centric geek boys who no one likes (or knows?). As for you fAndroids, we iFans promise to not judge you when you defect over to the iFanBase.  We know you love to hate the iPhone (for lame reasons), but you must know what it feels to love it!

News Update: UAE falls out of love with Blackberry.

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3 Responses to “Come on over Blackberry defectors!”

  1. Google Chic,

    I cant believe you didn’t counter Apple Girl’s comments with this –


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