Androids, Want to save your personal information?


As if the Google Toilet video does not rub it in your face, now an Android WallPaper App has been found collecting and sending personal user information. Androids,  here’s something for you to mull over:

1. How does Google protect you?

Oops. Sorry! Google does not help you in that division. Did’nt you say its an “OPEN” Market Place? (where it lets anyone and everyone in)

2. How can you protect yourself?

Now that you cannot trust Google, you might as well do it yourself. Check the app rating in Market Place, read the comments, check the developer’s website etc OR you could just use the App Store on your iPhone because Apple is trying to keep you SAFE!

Android has used Apple’s tight rein on the App Store as its selling point. Little did Android know that it was soon to be bitten by its OPEN Market Place design. Only 20% of iPhone Apps vs. 47% of Android Apps use third party code.The same third party  code which could be sneaking out your personal information.

GoogleChic, Did you want a new wall paper for your precious Nexus? Save the download  and use this instead. 🙂


1. How does Google protect you?

AppleGirl, this is Google we’re talking about. Don’t you think they have a fail safe plan in place? Just like Apple, Google does review suspicious apps and can pull them from the Market. In this case, they pulled the wallpaper app until they completed the investigation. In addition, as part of the Android security they have the ability to remote wipe rogue apps from a phone.

I know what you’ll say next AppleGirl, invasion of privacy! Before remotely wiping the app, Google sends a notification to it’s user. Further, in order to use the Market you had to agree to the terms set out by Google in which they stated the remote app ability.

2. How can you protect yourself?

Before you install an app, there’s a can’t miss screen that alerts the user as to what the application will have access to. READ IT!!! If you don’t read it, it’s your own fault! As for you AppleGirl, you claim that you don’t need to do this with the iTunes store. Think again, did you check your credit card lately, did you buy some unwanted books that you didn’t know about?

So now, is the OPEN Market such a big deal as AppleGirl makes it? What do you think?

P.S. Google has completed their investigation on the wallpaper app, lifted the ban on the app and placed it back on the Market.

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