Adobe loves apple?


Apple sure isn’t catching a break.  The FTC is investigating Apple’s SDK rules which could possibly lead to an antitrust investigation. With the release of iOS4, Apple is able to lock down the development of iOS apps to only allow languages they’re comfortable with (Objective C, C, C++). This essentially restricts the use of Adobe products. There you have it Fanboys, iPhone will NEVER get flash.  Come over to the dark side of Android and you can enjoy it free and clear!


Adobe, you are just embarrassing yourself.  You hate Apple. You are on your knees begging for help. The Flash bashing is for real technical reasons and its time you accept it and go fix them if you want to be a part of the iPhone.

GoogleChic, Goodluck with Adobe on your Nexus. The same phone on which Adobe crashed twice during the demo.

Here’s something to cheer you up! 🙂

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