Nokia N8 – Symbian trying to make a comeback?


With the latest news of Android outselling the iPhone, it’s no surprise that everyone wants a share of the market now that Google has proven that there is more out there than an iPhone.

Nokia N8 has a stunning 12 megapixel HD camera with a Xenon flash. The UI is very similar to Android (wonder where they got that idea?). It’s supports a desktop space that allows for widgets (hmm AppleGirl, do you know what a widget is?). “With flash support, you’ll see websites the way they’re suppose to be.” I wonder which phone they’re referring to there (umm iPhone perhaps?)

Check out the video below and see for yourselves.


GoogleChic, did you hear of the Verizon iPhone rumor? If it is true, I wonder if Android would still outsell the iPhone!

Nokia N8 is the phone for mobile photographers.  But then if someone is serious about photography, I’d think they would own a full fledged camera. Maybe Nokia should quit making phones and switch to cameras..

The Symbian 3 OS is a far cry from iOS4. The User Interface, with the widgets et al, is ugly and GoogleChic, I am glad you found some common ground with N8 ;). We want to carry a smart phone in our pockets, not a desktop!

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