Sony Xperia X10 enters the mobile game too late?


GoogleChic, what do you think of Sony’s Android attempt? Now that they have decided to finally release it in US with AT&T, I think Sony has to play catch up with other superior phones like the iPhone 4!
The 1GHz processor is impressive but its sad that it ships with an old Android software. This is my hang up with Android and the devices that carry it.  While some of the droid counterparts  enjoy the newest updates, why are some deprived of it?

Take my advise and join the Apple wagon. You will get the latest iOS on time, everytime! GoogleChic, Agree? 😉


AppleGirl, I will agree with you on one point. Sony is behind the times. Xperia X10 was announced at the end of last year, that is even before the Nexus was available. Back then the 1 GHz snapdragon processor sound like a dream (now, its’ reality, we have it on the Nexus, EVO and Incredible). Since then, we have moved onto bigger and better things like dual core processors.

As for software updates, if you’re going to drag your feet like Sony, of course you’ll be outdated! Unlike Apple, which releases a major update to their OS once a year Google is ever evolving;  adapting to the latest and providing its users with the latest and greatest.

AppleGirl, you can wait once a year for your OS update and get outdated features like wallpaper and multitasking. Also, you can spend countless hours attempting to update your software since Apple’s servers can’t handle the load and keeps crashing your update. Or you can come over to Android, the update process to 2.2 (Froyo) took me a total of 3 painless mins.

P.S Just like the Xperia X10 the iPhone is old news, it’s no longer the superior phone. With 200,000 Android devices activated per day, that should speak for it self.

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