Google Chrome Tab to be the next iPad killer?


Oh Boy! Here we go again! Another iPad killer. This time it is the Google Chrome OS Tablet. It’s amazing how everyone wants to make a killer product against Apple. Think about it. That’s multitudes of companies trying to kill just “one device, one carrier“, as GoogleChic likes to refer to it.

GoogleChic, did you see the Chrome OS ad from last year? Was Google trying to give us a free OS crash course? Is this tablet going to be as lame as the ad? I hope they know that no one really cares about what’s under the hood. Beat the sex-appeal of an iPad and then we are talking!

P.S: Check out the Apple iPad ad. Isn’t it really delicious? GoogleChic, maybe a marketing crash course is due for Google. 🙂


The Chrome OS tablet as an iPad killer? There goes AppleGirl again comparing apples to oranges.

Google is being “innovative” yet again, they’re the first to create a web based OS. There’s a lot of potential with the Chrome OS tablets, it’s cloud based; you’re able to log on from any Chrome OS device and resume where you left off. Also, it’s super light weight and the boot up time is amazing!

I was traveling the other week, at the hotel they have PC’s available for their guest. I noticed that all of the users were just browsing, checking their gmail etc. Think about how useful a Chrome OS tablet would be, probably more cost effective, and  much faster. Not to mention, users would feel right at home since all they have to do is log in and everything is configured just the way they left it. Check it out for yourselves ( this was demoed 9 months ago, so at Google’s rate think how far it must have gotten!)

P.S AppleGirl, Google is not in the market to make “flashy” ads. They rather spend their time perfecting the product. Remember, simplicity goes a long way (just like this OS).

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