Funny as an Apple Wiz?


GoogleChic, are your Android App Directors as funny as Apple’s? I am talking of Phillip Shoemaker, director of App technology, more recently known as the fart-app developer.

His apps are iWiz, a urination simulator which says “Simulate the experience of urinating for a long time … iWiz allows you to simulate urination:faster, slower or just a trickle” and Animal Farts, a fart app which is described as “The game features … button to trigger “Fart”, “Poot” “Drop” or “Wiz” sounds accompanied with animations illustrating said emissions.”

GoogleChic, did you just laugh your guts out? Any of your Android directors can match this? 😉

Does Phillip Shoemaker bring funny apps to the table, or is it just yet another scandal for Apple?

Apple has a pretty strict policy regarding the apps that are released into the app store. Phillip who’s suppose to play a role in enforcing the content of the store is on the side releasing childish, mindless disgusting games! Not to mention that Apple employees are not suppose to have apps in the app store unless it was published prior to their employment. From the sounds of it, the apps were developed but not published prior to his employment. Oy Vey!

iWiz, more like iFailure!

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