Apple, invasion of privacy?


AppleGirl is always harping on the fact that Google is “spying” and trying to steal your personal info. It looks like Apple is now trying to patent a kill switch to lock down your iPhone. Apple will try to use an audio/visual detection to identify if the user of the phone is it’s rightful owner, if not it could allow for you to remote wipe your phone.

That sounds good right? However, unlocked and jail-broken phones are also considered unauthorized users. This means that your phone carrier could potentially shut down your phone. Hmm, AppleGirl how does this sound to you now? An invasion of privacy?


haha GoogleChic, you should be the last person to be complaining about digital privacy when you are giving away yours without any fuss to Google 🙂

Apple is being quite clever with the kill-switch patent and it is more so to protect its users than to invade anyones privacy. If someone were to steal my iPhone, they would probably unlock/jailbreak it before selling it. This is exactly the pattern Apple is going after.

Sadly, jailbreaking gets more love from the news  than Apple’s attempt to reassure its users, corporate and others, that their information is secure on their iDevices!

P.S: This has nothing to do with Eric Schmidt or Google, but I just couldn’t resist the picture 😉

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