Droid 2 killing Flash?

BY THE APPLE GIRLCredit  is due, to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, for mustering up the courage to publicly announce that they are moving on after Apple flash-slapped them!

GoogleChic, the most recent report by Laptop about flash on Droid 2 makes flash look more like a flickering bulb. For all you know, videos may have to be optimized for flash on a mobile platform! Imagine millions and millions of websites to be optimized just so you can use flash on your phone! If we are doing that we might as well go the HTML5 way!

After all the hulabaloo that Apple without Flash will kill the internet world on our iDevices, HTML5 is getting a boost.  Yahoo Mail just went to HTML5 and the growing list on Apple’s website, is a clear indication that Flash is going DOWN!

GoogleChic, beware that the sinking ship is clinging onto Android and you are going down with them. Want to jump ship now? 😉


BY THE GOOGLE CHICIt’s funny how we always want what we don’t have. A few months back we were so excited to get Flash. Now we’re going to complain about a little bit of lag time while we stream HD videos off of a 3G connection. Flickering bulb, how dramatic! I went to Fox.com to watch the Bones episode off of 3G just like in the Laptop demo, I noticed a little bit of lag in response time, nothing too dramatic. I was able to control the video relatively easy. Maybe we should go back to grade school, patience is a virtue; if you just give it one sec to respond you won’t be complaining, geez people!

AppleGirl, I never said HTML5 is not good. In fact, I’m all for it, if we’re able to utilize it to optimize mobile browsing the more the merrier. However, Android supports a true mobile experience. Regardless, of the type of technology used you will be able to view it on an Android device.  There are a lot of websites that utilizes Flash and I’m able to see it now without any issues; I guess you can wait for HTML5 to kick in  🙂

P.S AppleGirl, do you want to borrow my phone to catch up with any of the shows you’ve missed? 😉

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