The Android, Apple battle continues


The unstoppable Andy is battling Steve Jobs yet again. I am sure AppleGirl is just shaking her head but I just couldn’t pass this one up! Looks like Steve Jobs’ iProton is running out of fire power!


GoogleChic, I hope you Androids know that Ghostbusters were the good guys and the Marshmallow Man was bad.  Applying the analogy on your t-shirt design, the green thing is the bad guy (Android) who is eventually killed by the Ghostbusters (Steve Jobs in this case). The Marshmallow Man was big, fat and slow much like the big bricks Android is selling nowadays. I think the analogy is quite fitting to Android. Well done, Andy!

Do you want to shell out $25 on a tee with a confused message? Unless you want to be mistaken for an Apple fan boy 😉

If I were you I would buy a bunch of mindless apps from the Market Place with that money!

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