App Store hits 250,000 apps!


The App Store just hit a quarter million apps! Woot! Apple App developers! And Apple hit the one billion downloads mark in July! Way to go Apple!

Here’s an interesting tidbit, it would cost a user approximately $673K to buy all the apps on the App Store!

GoogleChic, are you feeling left out now that iFanboys are celebrating? Dont worry! With Google’s laissez fair approach of letting any crappy app in the Market place, I am sure Google will hit the quarter million mark soon! However, we would all know that not many of those Apps are actually worth counting! 😉


Wow congratulations AppleGirl, a quarter million apps, can that all even fit on your iPhone and can you multi task all those apps?  Maybe someone should spend $673K to find out 🙂

Considering that the Android platform started less then 2 years ago, and that it really took off within the last year, I’m very happy with the choices of applications offered in the Market. I’m always able to find what I need, not to mention, not having to spend a dime is a big plus.

AppleGirl, do you really have all the apps you need? I mean Apple does like to  ban apps; for example the Google voice app was banned because of Apple’s jealously of Google’s success. I guess if you want to use Google voice on the iPhone you can use the nasty browser based app on your iPhone.

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