More HTC on Verizon


Check out this gorgeous eye candy that’s headed to Verizon. It has a 8 mega pixel camera, front facing camera, dual led flash, 4.3 inch screen, and a kick stand. Apparently, the phone is supposed to be more polished than the Nexus One body (and you know how I love the Nexus!). We’ll have to keep our eyes out for this one.


Geez.. the rate at which HTC is releasing Android phones is making me dizzy!

The leaked HTC phone is rumored to be called the Scorpion (If that’s the name, HTC, well done! You have kept up your incredible naming legacy). It is supposed to have 1.5GHz Snap dragon processor and packed with Android 2.2. I am sure GoogleChic can’t wait to get her hands on this one!

Scorpion will still lag behind Apple’s retina display and iOS4. And if its going to support flash, lets talk about the battery life. Apple sold a few million phones in 3 days. Lets see this bad boy beat that!

P.S:GoogleChic, beware that you might have to pay through your nose for all the suped up hardware. Plus why is no one complaining about the size? It does appear to be quite a handful. I am also guessing that its going to weigh a ton!

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