New iPhone 4 in September?


Recently, Mexican carrier Telcel’s representative indicated that Apple will release a revised version of the iPhone 4 in September. Surprisingly, this coincides with Steve Jobs’ announcement that Apple will offer free bumpers  for phones bought until September 30.

If the speculation is true, come September, iPhone 4-antennagate free might be up for sale? Want it?


Sound the alarm! If this news is true, does that mean Steve Jobs will admit on September 30th that he was wrong? That there really was an issue? I mean he did tick off half the mobile world with his death grip demo, so if I were Jobs I would come out waving a white flag 🙂

P.S Maybe all you iPhone lovers who still haven’t pulled the trigger should wait until September 30th to see how this pans out. Do you really want to purchase a defective device?

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