Create an iPhone App or an Android app?


If you are wondering which app would give you a better ROI, then take a look at the investment in iPhone/iPad app development which has gone up by 220% over the last year. If investors are ready to invest humoungous amounts on iPhone app development, where do you think you would sell your App more? And why waste time developing cross platform apps when you can make the most at Apple’s App Store?

GoogleChic, sorry to burst your bubble about the expanding Android market to beat Apple and its App Store! Atleast the venture capitalists believe the money is in the hands of the iPhone users!


Android was introduced less than two years ago  and started increasing in popularity only within the last year. I would say that 95, 000 apps and 64% of them being free is a big plus!

As for investors investing only in Apple Apps, are you so sure? It looks like companies that have invested in Apple apps are realizing that their apps can do just as well in the Android Market. I don’t have a fancy chart like the AppleGirl, but take the Angry Bird game for example. They just released the Beta version for Android and I have to say, I understand now why this game is so popular on the iPhone. It’s just plain addicting!

AppleGirl, I challenge you to a game of Angry Bird duel; high scorer wins. Better start practicing 🙂

P.S On a side note, the developer that wrote the Advance  Task manager program made $80K between 2009 – 2010. AppleGirl, do you still think Android is not lucrative? Think about all the extra cash!

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4 Responses to “Create an iPhone App or an Android app?”

  1. to Google Chic.
    yes it had now 95,000 apps but have you seen them?? Most of them suck! Android is flooded with cheap apps compared to iphone. The only reason why they have 95,000 apps is because they’ll let anything qualify as an “app” just so they can catch up to apple. Eventualy if they do pass apple up it will only be because they call anything an app lol. I went for an iphone 4 to an evo 4g and I regret it big time. the best apps are in apple’s app store. I would say android market is like the old atari system and apple is like the xbox kinect.

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