iPad to dominate Tablet market through 2012! (really?)


According to research firm iSuppli Corp, Apple is expected to keep more than 70% market share atleast the next three years. iSuppli forecasted this based on the iPhone success story. It took three years for the Apple rivals to come up with any comparable phones to the iPhone.

GoogleChic, the Android army of Tablets may not prove to be iPad killers at least for the next three years. By which time, I am sure Apple would have moved on to newer technologies! 😉


I’m sure many of you have wondered why we haven’t posted about the Samsung Galaxy Tab since it debuted at the IFA several days ago. Well, I’ve mulled it over and here it is. I think iSuppli Corp needs to watch this closely, the Samsung Galaxy Tab could potentially give Apple a run for it’s money.

For starters, the Samsung Tab is 7 inch versus the iPad at 9.7 inch, this makes the Samsung Tab thinner, lighter and more portable to use than the iPad; you can hold the Samsung Tab with one hand with out any issues. Now, the best is that it has a front facing camera along with a rear camera (something the iPad doesn’t have).  There’s also Adobe Flash support (I’ve harped on this enough).

Before, the ApplGirl decides to point out that Android Apps are probably not supported on this new resolution screen. It looks like most of the apps will run perfectly fine. Samsung was proactive in this, they worked with Google to identify apps that would not work properly and have already contacted the developers.

However, I do have to say that I’m disappointed that Samsung decided against the Super AMOLED screen and went with the TFT LCD screen for cost reasons.

Overall, the Tab looks pretty good. I do want to get my hands on one so I can see for myself. Samsung, want to help us out with that?

P.S There are at least 8 more android tablets coming out by the end of this year, like the Toshiba tablet. AppleGirl, don’t celebrate just yet.

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