Verizon Fascinate -not what we hoped!


Verizon shot themselves in the foot with the Samsung Fascinate! (To be honest, I think someone left their brain at home when they made this decision).  A while back we did a review on the Best of the Galaxy S and our favorite was the Fascinate based on the hardware specs. However, as many of you know,  Bing comes as the default search engine on the phone and it doesn’t allow you to switch the default search engine back to Google. Not to mention, the Fascinate uses Verizon navigation instead of Google’s. What were they thinking?!?! Fascinate is an Android device why would you put Bing on there and mess with the Google navigation which works like a charm. Not to mention, Google search not only searches the web but it searches your phone as well (contacts and apps). I just wonder how many countless development hours Verizon spent messing up something that already works!

The good news is that since Android is open source, there is already a work around to undo what Verizon has done. Set the default engine back to Google. Also, you can just download Google Maps from the Market and you’ll be all set.

Bottom line, I’m very disappointed with Verizon’s decision. Not everyone is going to go to the trouble of figuring out how to default the search engine back to Google. So with the number of Android device on Verizon, I say you just pick something else over the Fascinate. I have to say it’s a shame because the hardware is amazing and that Super AMOLED screen is still to die for!


GoogleChic, you said it all (well almost!) 🙂 To appease the fAndroids Verizon announced that Google Search would be available as an option in Android 2.2 -Froyo (yet to be released on Fascinate)

But its funny that Verizon hasn’t announced when they will let the Fascinate users upgrade to Froyo. You will get an option to download Google Search but we can’t tell you when. Jeez that’s a smart way of saying “Shut up and use the phone as is”. GoogleChic, Fascinate  users have no access to all the “cool new Froyo features” you boasted about (until God knows when!). Bummer!

I can’t believe that after all the Bing drama, with Android purists like the GoogleChic dissing Fascinate, Verizon still won’t let users change the default search browser!

Everyone convinced not to buy the Samsung Fascinate? This is my iPhone shine moment 🙂

Buy an iPhone and you won’t need to fret about software updates like the rest of the Androids. Plus you get a much better search option – Spotlight, and Google Maps too! Apple gives you all the new software updates right away And AT&T has no say in it!

Isn’t it time we stop taking crap from the carrier networks?

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