Best Phone for a Femme fAndroid

If you are a fAndroid, who loves her makeup as much as much as her “Hello Kitty” Tee, got Harajuku written all over you, then try to stop yourself from drooling over this new phone!

Samsung just added a hot pink Galaxy S to its latest smart phone lineup. Samsung has partnered with Aveda, to bring you the limited edition Galaxy S Femme package, which includes an Aveda cosmetic kit and a 4GB microSD card (to save off all your girls night out pictures).  Aveda Apps that will help keep your skin super soft and those locks real shiny, come pre-installed on the phone.

Samsung has not released the price on the phone yet (But hang on tight, we will get you the update when its released). It’s rumored to be available in four different variations in US. We are assuming that Samsung will release it on all the major carriers like the rest of the Galaxy S phones. There goes your boyfriend’s or hubby’s “can’t break away from family plan” excuse.

Samsung is making only 5000 of these!  So girls, get ready to start swyping away on your super AMOLED!

Love it or hate it? 😀

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