Apps that will save your day!


Were you almost run over  because you didn’t hear the car horn? Or are you that person who was stuck in the building when the fire alarm went out and you were the only one who didn’t hear it? If yes, then I am sure you have had many more close encounters, all because you had snug earphones with music blaring in your ears!

Essency’s Awareness App allows you to listen to your music peacefully, without having to worry about not hearing  outside noise like warnings, sirens, horns, shouts, alarms or conversations. It uses the built in microphone on the iPhone and iPod touch to pick up outside sounds and relay them to your ear buds when they cross a certain threshold (and of course, it comes with loads of settings so you can personalize the App!)

For $4.99, you get to hear everything that’s going on around you while also listening to your music.  Is this an App that will save your day?  Do I see any nodding heads?

The UK company Essency was formed by a collaboration of sound recording engineers, programmers and musicians, who share a passion for technology and music. Essency has more apps coming your way! So keep an eye out for them!

GoogleChic, do you have any life  saver apps in the Android Market Place? Got nothing better than Type n Walk? Humor me 😉


The Awareness App is pretty kool, but my problem is always forgetting to turn off the ringer volume. There have been times when I have forgotten to turn off my ringer at work and have walked off to the other end of the floor. The next thing you know, my cubbies are swarming around my desk trying to turn of my ringer which is at full blast (we have low cubes so you can see across the whole floor). It wouldn’t be that embarrassing if you had a normal ringtone, but for awhile I had  it set to One Step at a time by Jordan Sparks 🙂 (hey I just love that song). What’s worse is those iPhone fanboys (cubbies of mine) tries to operate the Nexus like an iPhone (big mistake!). Everyone knows you swipe left to end a call, right to answer one. Every time, they decide to swipe right, which in turns answer the call; can you picture the clusterF 🙂

So here comes Locale to the rescue. You can control your ringer volume (amongst some other things) based on either location (office) or time (9-5 pm). I found that the volume control feature works really well based on time. On the flip side, the location feature is not as accurate and it drains your battery as it attempts to use your GPS. You’ll have to dish out $9.99 for Locale, so there are some other options such as FoxyRing. FoxyRing utilizes ambient noise detection like Awareness to adjust your ringtone.

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