Control your Droid with Sony Ericsson’s Live View Remote


Sony Ericsson ‘s Live View Remote is an accessory with a blue tooth connection to an Android phone. It allows you to read text messages, see incoming calls, social updates as well as control volume and music on the phone(and all this through buttons on the side of a tiny square device! How convenient!).

If you are lazy to take out your phone from your pocket or handbag (maybe you would be,  considering the size of the Droids these days!)  or if you are ashamed to flip out that ugly Android phone while on a date, this device is perfect for you! GoogleChic, it even has “Find my Phone” feature, but in all cases you would have misplaced the remote before you misplace your phone! 😉

I hope you don’t compare this useless device to the iPod nano. Androids really want a piece of Apple as much as they hate it!


Honestly, I just don’t see the point of this device. For this device to work, your phone has to be nearby, so if you’re walking around it’ll probably be in your pocket. Has life gotten so hard that you can’t reach in your pocket to take out your phone to check and see if you have messages?

If you’re a runner, you may say that the Live View Remote is useful, but really? Yes, you can run a gps app on your phone to track distance, pace etc. However, you will still have to carry your phone with you. As a runner, I always want to carry the least amount possible when I run. I would much rather invest in a Garmin Forerunner watch as compared to the Live View device.


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