Android on an upward trend, Apple holding on for dear life!


We all know that AppleGirl loves her graphs, well here’s one just for you AppleGirl! A new release from Nielsen company shows that out of all new cell phone purchases Android reigns supreme at 32% of the market share and Apple iPhone is at 25%. What’s interesting is that  report includes data up till Aug 2010. What does this mean? It meas the iPhone 4 sells are covered in this study and yet Android still beat iPhone in overall phone purchases :)! It sure looks like Android is headed in the right direction to eventually take  the market share. I’m sure AppleGirl won’t agree and will claim that Apple still holds the market share above Android but it’s hard to ignore the power of Android and where it’s going!


GoogleChic, don’t get carried away by numbers just yet. WSJ recently confirmed the Verizon iPhone rumors that Apple will have a CDMA iPhone in the market, early next year. All Apple has to do is release the iPhone to the Verizon market, sit back and enjoy the show. The very same Verizon Android users will be clamoring on the Apple wagon. And no I don’t need charts to tell you that! 😀

Do you know that Android is not doing very well on AT&T? Why? GoogleChic, don’t blame it on the network. You can’t use the same excuse every time 🙂 When users have a choice between an iPhone and an Android, we have seen who has won the battle. Enjoy the “upward trend” moment while you have it! 😉

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