Enterprises love Apple!


RIM is getting some stiff competition from Apple these days. RIM’s Playbook needs to play catch up and gather some enterprise customers before they all go for the iPad. A mobile activation report by Good Technology for May to September 2010 shows that Apple iOS devices, garnered upto 50% of the net new activations while Android, even with a huge army of devices is lagging at 30% of the net new activations.

It just makes sense to combine both form and function into one device. If you own an iPhone as a personal device, why would you want a lug around a Blackberry or Android, when you can do the same work calls and email on the iPhone.

Recently iPads have been spotted on high profile movie sets such as the Transformers, in the hands of a Saudi Arabian king and they just turned Government worthy as well. iPads are now at work in the Canadian Government and the German Parliament as a paper replacement strategy.  GoogleChic, let’s hear all the important faces and places that Android has seen! Or are you going to say its only the geek boys and girls who use Android devices? 😉


AppleGirl, I’m confused.  You think that RIM needs to play catch up and gather enterprise customers, but how do you know they’re not doing that? It is pretty interesting that  Good Technology is reporting that Apple iOS devices is the most used amongst enterprise customers yet RIM is not included in the study. Since RIM is notoriously known for its support of enterprise customers I say you can throw that study out the window; it’s only a little skewed 😉

Check out the report that the Nielsen Company released several days ago. In the overall market (not just Enterprise), Android devices are leading the race.

As for Android devices being spotted, it’s been spotted on Top Chef, Project Runway, Entourage, Lie to Me just to name a few. Most importantly, the US Army is looking into using Android devices for solders in the field. What’s interesting is that Android pretty much clean sweep the Army’s “App for Army” competition with 10 Android winning apps out of the 15 that were chosen.

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