There’s an App For that!


Apple has been awarded the trademark for the phrase “An App for that” – the line that brought about the app explosion in our mobile world. GoogleChic, Eric Schmidt better watch the use of the word “App” or Steve Jobs might be dragging him to court on that 😀

Check out this website called App For That which lets users submit “An App For That” jokes. There are some very funny jokes and it gets better as you scroll down. GoogleChic, don’t be surprised if you find some targeted at Android.

Here’s a funny video on the “App For That” phrase. Girls, don’t watch this one!


There’s an app for that is old news! It’s such a cumbersome phrase as opposed to “Droid Does”. Droid Does just packs such a punch line, I hope Verizon puts a trademark on that.

In the meantime, check out the video below on how Droid Does hotspots. AppleGirl, I guess you can use there ain’t an app for that for this case 😉


3 Responses to “There’s an App For that!”

  1. Interesting article,vz,t,mot,msft,goog

    Android is the 2nd most smartphone in terms of volume. It beat iPhone 2 weeks back and growing to be the #1 (surpassing BB).

  2. Steve Jobs seems to wider the meaning of the term “app” – according to the announcement about an App Store for Mac: Now also normal Mac programs/applications are “apps”. Or?


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