Android – Best mobile OS!


Well look here, WSJ had a question of the day asking the masses who they think makes the best mobile operating system. I’ll let the graph speak for itself 😉

AppleGirl, maybe you should tell all your friends to vote 🙂


GoogleChic, it looks like the fAndroid blogging community is the reason those numbers are up. I could pull up two popular fAndroid blogs who urged their readers to go vote at the poll. So If I add up my numbers correctly and if each blog has 50,000 readers (one of them claimed having 90K readers), and only a small percentage of its readers read the blog and went on to vote, how many votes can we have? With that in mind, I think the 6000 Android votes on the poll is quite less 🙂 Think about how many people who read the blogs and didn’t care to vote!

On the contrary, Apple Fanboys aren’t going gaga over the poll just because WSJ put it up and no one is trying beeline their readers to vote for it either! We have new technology on the MacBook that’s keeping us busy rather than the same old “I am better than you” poll blogs 🙂

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