Just for kicks! Obama’s first iPad autograph!


Sylvester Cann IV, got to meet the President at a rally in Seattle. He didn’t have a pen and paper to get an autograph but had his iPad on him. So he pulled up Adobe Ideas App (GoogleChic, before you jump on the sound of Adobe, this is not Adobe Flash ;)) and wrote “Mr. President, Sign my iPad”. And Obama did. Check out Sylvester’s web page for a video if you are interested.

Interestingly, later the same day Obama met with Steve Jobs to discuss economy, innovation and technology. Jobs, the man driving future technology, is definitely someone Obama should be having a talk with.


Sweet! I’m glad that there’s an Adobe product on the iPad after all 🙂 Maybe Jobs will now give Adobe some love.

By the way I hope Sylvester Cann IV backed up the famous Obama autograph somewhere safe in case his iPad crashes (I’m just saying, since the iPad doesn’t have external storage).

Not only did Obama meet with Jobs, he also met with Google VP’s Marissa Mayer for a $30K a plate fundraising dinner.

2 Responses to “Just for kicks! Obama’s first iPad autograph!”

  1. Mmmmm…. where would he backup the autograph if there is no external storage? 😀
    BTW the iPad does have external storage! Cloud based MobileMe has iDisk where you can store files and access it from your iPad, Mac and iPhone.


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