Google goes evil!


It’s old news that Google street view cars were quietly mapping our streets and collecting Wi-Fi information and some payload data. At that time, Google was deeply apologetic for collecting a little bit more information than it intended to.

Google broke news last week that entire URLs, emails and passwords were collected by those street view cars. What’s worse is that Google hasn’t deleted the data! This was exposed by external regulators who were investigating Google for illicit data collection.

First employee abuse of sensitive data, now unauthorized data collection, did Google lose its credibility ever so slightly? GoogleChic, isn’t it funny that Google’s code of conduct is “Don’t be evil”. I’m thinking someone coined it for a reason 😉



Google is evil? NO! Google made a honest mistake? Yes! Hey at least they are taking responsibly for their action unlike the whole antennagate issue blaming the users 🙂

Now, on the other hand, I do want to bring up the fact that the users in this case that got their information collected is at fault. I’m not saying what Google did was right, but why would you leave your WiFi unsecured in this day and age?! Aren’t you glad Google isn’t evil? Think about all those hackers out there that could have collected your information and probably would have purchased anything  and everything all at your expense. I mean it’s like leaving your front door open and saying please don’t rob me!

Since AppleGirl is so worried about her privacy/security, she better take a look at the lock screen on her precious iPhone (devices running iOS 4.1). It looks like there’s a security flaw in which you can use the emergency call feature with the combination of the lock key to gain access to contacts.

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