Google Nexus Two Alert!


Sound the alarm! I’m in heaven!! My jaw just dropped to the floor 🙂

Alright now that I’m not in shock anymore, several different sources reported today that a 2nd Google phone (yes AppleGirl 2nd!) will be releasing in time from Christmas.

Not only will there be a 2nd phone, but it is suppose to come with Gingerbread (Android 3.0). It looks like it’ll be an awesome Christmas after all 🙂

By the way, Google has decided not to release the phones via major carriers but instead selected Carphone Warehouse. Let’s see how the release plays out in the US, but there’s nothing AppleGirl can say right now. I’m on cloud 9!

Source: Android Central



GoogleChic, this rumor contradicts Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s comment earlier this year that Google will not launch a Nexus One brother. Apparently, according to Schmidt, the idea behind releasing Nexus One was to push the Android platform and that a second Nexus was unnecessary. He also claimed that the decision not to launch a Nexus Two was a victory and not a setback.

Now, with the Nexus Two rumors, I am sort of confused about what he meant. Does releasing a Nexus One successor indicate that Android is not a success as Google thought it was? Ouch. So much for all that hype about Android activation numbers. Or was Schmidt taking a nap when they decided to make a Nexus Two?

Either way should I also remind you that Google accepted defeat and discontinued selling the Nexus One from its website earlier this year. If the Nexus Two is real, looks like Google has learnt from its blunder and decided to unload the phone on a third party phone retailer in UK (No news of when it’s coming to US!)

Given Google’s “Two failures before I give up” strategy (Remember Orkut and Buzz in the social networking scene), I wouldn’t be surprised if Nexus Two is scrapped soon after its released. GoogleChic, hold on! The drop from cloud 9 might hurt! 😉

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