Microsoft’s “Riskiest Product Bet” – Windows 8?


Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, was recently interviewed by Gartner when he mentioned Microsoft’s riskiest product bet is the next version of Windows (which we like to call as Windows 8), expected to release in 2012.

The leaked Windows 8 slide deck (dated April 2010) hints at the feature set Microsoft might be planning. Let’s do an early comparison (assuming these slides are genuine) and hear what GoogleChic has to say about it, considering the fact that she is pimping her Acer as a tough MacBook Air competitor (I am still ROTFL’ing about it :D)

1. Fast startup: which is going to make PC shutdown and startup faster. GoogleChic, is this what you would compare with MacBook Air’s instant on? Let alone beating flash bootup on Air, you should be happy if Windows 8 can get close to the startup/shutdown time on the old MacBooks.

2. Windows Push Button Reset: that will essentially reinstall Windows while maintaining all your personal files intact. Microsoft is so confident that your PC is going to crash a million times in its lifetime, that they have developed a solution for it. Way to go! 😉

3. Windows App Store: Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Mac App Store. Microsoft probably has to give away Windows 8 for free to bribe developers to write Apps for them. Atleast, you might be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for free! Yay!

4. Facial Recognition: Log in to your PC via facial recognition. This is pretty cool, except that you might have to wait for two more generations for Microsoft to perfect it. As we all know, Microsoft doesn’t understand “Do it right the first time!” mantra.

5. Microsoft looks to Apple: Thank god! The geniuses at Microsoft have learnt that they actually have something to learn from Apple. From the slides, it looks like Microsoft is trying to breakdown the “How Apple does it” cycle. GoogleChic, here’s the original Apple imitator. Sound familiar? 😉

Steve Ballmer was right as hell about Windows 8 being the riskiest product bet. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that building an OS based on the broken back bone of registry and file system is not the way to go. Windows 8 will be going head on with Apple’s superior Mac OSX software and PC manufacturers like Acer have the next new challenge to beat – MacBook Air’s revolutionary hardware.

GoogleChic, if I were you, I would be crossing my fingers hoping Microsoft is doing things right this time and hope Acer sells you an Air imitator notebook for less than $1000. Now don’t go on saying that I have a one track Apple mind, unfortunately it’s hard to deviate when it’s the best out there 😀


Windows 8 seems very blah on paper (I think I feel asleep twice reading the slides).

However, if you look at the facts, Windows users makes up the majority of the users in the market. Microsoft must be doing something right to hold the majority of the market 🙂

AppleGirl, maybe Apple should study Microsoft to find out how they can tap into the corporate market. I’m feeling like a broken record again. There’s a whole world out there outside of the Apple bubble. Why not explore the possibilities?

As for Windows 8 features, it looks like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to cloud services. Windows 8 will include this feature as well. Similarly, Google’s Chrome OS will be based purely on  the cloud concept. AppleGirl, I’m sure Chrome OS will shake up the market once it’s released. Chrome OS also boots up like the “instant on” Macbook air 😉

Windows 8 still has a long way to go before its release in 2012. I think once we see some leaked demos it’ll be easier to gauge the level of excitement.

AppleGirl, we know you love your Apple products which you think is the end all be all. But how can you compare your lovely Mac OS X to something that doesn’t exist yet? 🙂

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