A Halloween iPhone 4!


If you are a drop dead iPhone fan without a costume for your Halloween party, then here’s John Savio’s idea. Make your own iPhone 4 costume. You might not have 40 hours (that took Savio to complete his) but atleast you are off to a good start right? NOT! As much as I love my iPhone 4 and all the cool stuff you can do with it, I don’t like this cheezy costume.

Savio’s costume consists of a 75 pound 40 inch LCD display, a cardboard box, a jail broken iPhone and a mini battery. Really, Savio I appreciate your ingenuity, but go get a life!


Wow, I’m kinda shocked! Since AppleGirl loves her iPhone 4 so much I thought she would be the first one to ask Savio’s for the step by step instructions. I guess her loyalty finally stops somewhere 🙂

Personally, I’m not sure how Savio is lugging that thing around! I say he’s better off turning it into an iPhone table.

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