Best Rugged Phone

If you’re in the market for a rugged phone, you’ll be interested in the Motorola Defy releasing on November 3rd for $99 on T-Mobile. The Defy is built to “defy” the elements so it’s water resistant, dust proof and scratch resistant.

It’s an Android device running 2.1 (Eclair) and since it’s a Motorola device it sports Motoblur as an overlay on top of Android. The hardware specs are not too shabby but not the latest and greatest. It has a 800 MHz processor only but it does have a 5 mega pixel camera and LED flash. It also has a 3.7 inch Gorilla glass display. Honestly, for the price you’re getting your money’s worth plus more.

Check out the video below, it’s proof that the Defy is definitely water resistant and if you’re a klutz like me that’s a big plus. With this phone you’ll be pretty much worry free.

On a side note, the Defy should do fairly well on the market since Oprah endorsed it and gave it away on her show.

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