Remote Computing on iPhone 5?


Apple has been rigorously patenting many NFC (Near Field Communication is essentially short range wireless connection between two NFC enabled devices) related features recently and the latest rumor around the mill is that Apple is researching on NFC for remote computing.

According to Cult Of Mac, Apple is looking at building an application into the next generation iPhone that will allow users to carry their desktop data and settings with them on the iPhone and sync the data on another Mac. More than remote computing using NFC, I want to see the iPhone used as a eWallet. Use your iPhone to pay for anything or even as an electronic key (Why do we need to carry those clunky keys everywhere we go?) I have seen NFC enabled phones in Japan, where they snap up their mobile phones to pay for anything from a subway ride to groceries. Believe me, we are so far behind in technology! And Apple is our only hope. Right GoogleChic? 😉


AppleGirl is right about one thing, we are SO behind in technology! However, I’m not sure if Apple is leading the way on this one. Back in April of this year there were already reports that there will be NFC Android enabled devices ready by the end of this year and the first half of 2011.

In fact, thanks to the openness of Android NXP and Trusted Logic released an open source NFC Android API on April 20th, 2010. “ This will enable mobile phone users to access a new range of contactless applications such as mobile payments, transport and event ticketing as well as data sharing directly from their Android phones.”

Hmm, doesn’t that sound similar to what AppleGirl wants? All we can do now is wait to see what actually releases first. As always, I’m crossing my fingers and rooting that Android will take the lead on this one 🙂

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