iPhone, Android and Blackberry users depicted!


C-section comics did and awesome job on this one! I totally see AppleGirl as a  loyal devotee to Apple and a Steve Jobs’ follower. I mean just read her blogs, Apple is the end all be all for her  🙂

As for how I see myself as an Android user, I would have depicted the cartoon with Einstein but with an eye mask since I consider myself as a secrete geek 🙂 (those who know me may just agree!)


This is a hilarious cartoon. The cartoonist, “Yours Truly” from C-Section appears to be an Android fan (which I gleaned from his comments).

The iPhone girl thinks of herself as a cool chic? Isn’t that exactly what Androids are jealous of? However hard fAndroids try, they just don’t seem to be getting the same social status 🙂

GoogleChic, if you ask me, all smart phone users and the entire smart phone industry should at least appreciate Steve Jobs for raising the bar on smart phones. If not for him, your Android phone wouldn’t have been what it is 🙂

Plus I think the cartoonist was not generous enough with the Android dorkiness.


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