Facebook mobile event!


At last week’s Facebook mobile event, Facebook announced new features for its mobile app such as single sign on, location APIs and deal platforms. In addition, they announced that it would refresh both the iPhone and Android apps. iPhone is getting updates to the places and groups features, whereas Android is finally getting the places and groups features. What was pretty funny, is that during the demo of the single sign on feature the iPhone crashed and the backup iPhone wasn’t workign really well either 🙂 (evil grin).

To add to that, when asked if there will be an iPad application, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg replied that the iPad is not a mobile device, it is a computer. So looks like there won’t be an iPad app after all. Of course Mark clarified that Facebook loves Apple products. (really now 😉

Source: engadget


Amid all the Facebook phone anticipation, the single sign on, location and deals features was such a big letdown. Facebook created (Apple like) event buzz dragging out journalists to its California campus and delivered these not-so exciting features. I am glad Apple came to the rescue and made some headlines at this dull Facebook event.

So did Zuckerberg really mean “iPad is not mobile?” Definitely Not! Here’s what he was trying to say. The event was called Facebook Mobile event and he wanted to talk about future of Facebook on mobile phones! GoogleChic, if I were you I would not count any of the Android Tablets or the Android smartphone “bricks” as being mobile 😉

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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