Just for kicks! iPad protest!


If you are protesting in a rally like these guys in Lithuania, you will definitely need a sign to hold up. And what better way to make a sign than to stick an iPad to the end of a stick.

From Obama’s autograph to a Lithuanian pensioner demonstrating against the goverment, iPad is ruling the planet!

GoogleChic, unless you are giving away free binoculars during the protest, I wouldn’t advise you on trying this with the Galaxy Tab 😉


That is one neat idea, I especially loved the plastic bag around the iPad to make it waterproof!

As for the Samsung Tab being too small, well it it looks like there are rumors that in 2011 there will be a 10 inch Tab in the market.

What’s also interesting is that Samsung recently released a 10.1 inch prototype which uses a super thin LCD technology that is currently being developed by them.  The downside is that it’ll take a couple of years for them to be able to release this to the market but think about the possibilities, am sure we’ll have more than a sign on a stick concept! Check out the pics below.

Source: slash gear

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