Roger Waters against Apple?


So I was at the Roger Waters “The Wall” concert on Sunday and it was awesome! They built a wall brick by brick using carboard. Projected on the wall was anti-war, anti-consumerist images. Pretty much it was a don’t conform to the masses theme.

Take a look at the pictures below. Is that Waters mocking Apple? There was also, “iKill” and “iProfit”, I was just a little too slow with my camera.

I wonder what phone Waters uses?


What better way to draw attention from today’s iPhone generation, than to throw in a touch of Apple in the show 😀 (I’m not even sure which generation Roger Waters belongs to Gen A?)

A band which has earned a fortune by selling music albums by the millions and $200 concert seats talks about anti-consumerism. I am ROFL’ing about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Floyd but its time Roger Waters had a chat with Steve Jobs. I’m sure Waters will be more than glad to leave out all the “i”‘s in his next show, if Steve Jobs were to give him an extra sweet deal on the music.

Oh and selling a $10 tote in the name of anti-consumerism, Roger Waters, I thought you were better than that 🙂

GoogleChic, Waters might be a PC man (maybe even an Android geek), but I have a very strong hunch that Syd Barrett would have been a Mac. 😛


One Comment to “Roger Waters against Apple?”

  1. I was at his concert yesterday.
    I was totally loving his little apple commercial spoof.
    I don’t think he’s against apple or something, but he just uses this to let us know that we are hooked to consume.
    Now wat apple girl says is kinda true. Its a bit odd to be against consumerism but still sell a lot of merchandize.
    Maybe Roger doesn’t mean he’s actually AGAINST consumerism, but is kind of warning us for what we are doing and in what sort of society we live now adays.
    A society filled with war, hate, unfairness, money, reigious conflicts and consumerism.
    (if you saw the concert, you will certainly come to this conclusion when the bombers fly over, dropping different symbols)

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