Google’s new blunder – a big security hole!


If, until a few days ago, you surfed the site ( while logged into your Google account, then you can be rest assured that your Google mail has been harvested. According to TechCrunch, if this happened then you would probably get an email in your spam.  GoogleChic, are you checking your spam and trash emails yet? 🙂

Google fixed the issue and replied “We quickly fixed the issue in the Google Apps Script API that could have allowed for emails to be sent to Gmail users without their permission if they visited a specially designed website while signed into their account. We immediately removed the site that demonstrated this issue, and disabled the functionality soon after. We encourage responsible disclosure of potential application security issues to”

GoogleChic, I hope you added that security email in your contact list. I’m pretty sure you would need to use it frequently 😛


AppleGirl should be very familiar with security breaches. After all a very similar issue occurred on the iPhone just a couple months back.

Remember the PDF security issue? Essentially, if you loaded a PDF file from a website it would give a hacker full control of your phone.

In this day and age, security is a huge concern for all of us and I’m happy to know that Google is on top of their game and addressed the issue quickly.

While we’re on the security topic, I just received two over the air updates on my Nexus One just a day ago. This was the 2.2.1 release and it was all security updates. The update also preps the phone for the impending 2.3 (Gingerbread) rollout.

AppleGirl, I don’t need the security email on my contacts, Google is already watching out for me 🙂

Source: gizmodo



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