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Last weekend, I was at the Sony store checking out its new Google TV. I came out mystified with the overly complex way of experiencing TV. I’m not convinced that I will be Google searching anything on my TV in the future!

The TV remote is a monstrosity!! I even think my current Time Warner Cable remote (with a million buttons) is much simpler than the Google TV remote.

Google TV has a home screen with a list of core functions, and as we all know Google loves searches. You type in a keyword you would like to search and Google brings up a list of related hits from both TV and Internet content. And then you waste some more time by clicking on sites you wouldn’t have gone to otherwise and finally find that TV show you were looking for (or not!) You could  have grabbed a snack in that time and watched half the show 🙂

Google TV is only half baked and not completely integrated into TV programming. While you can use Google TV to search and tune into live programs, it won’t allow you to set up a show for recording or to search in your recorded shows unless you have the Dish TV integrated Google TV box.

GoogleChic, you are going to hate this one 😉 Hulu, ABC, NBC, CBS and their associated networks have all blocked out Google TV. With the limited internet video content Google TV gives you, this is a wasteful buy.

I am not sure why Sony, with its years of home entertainment experience could not integrate Google TV like functionality into its PS3. Even the current Netflix App interface on the PS3 is much better than the one on Google TV. PS3, an internet connected gaming device with a blue ray player, has a big selling point if it came with Google TV like functionality.

There is much Google and Sony have to learn from Apple such as its knack for a beautiful form factor, simple and intuitive user interface along with the foresight to build a family of seamlessly interconnected products! Whatever Sony and Google have cooked up sure does not seem to be revolutionizing home entertainment. GoogleChic, agree? 😉


I can’t believe AppleGirl just compared the Sony Google TV to the Apple TV. One is an actual full fledge TV and the other one is a box, how can you compare the two form factors 😉 The Sony TV looks pretty slick to me! Not to mention the Apple TV doesn’t support internet.

As for Sony putting Google TV on the PS3, instead of that approach, they’re offering a blue ray player with Google TV built in.

Check out the video below, Google TV seems pretty integrated to me. The search feature is easy to use even for a first time user, I’m not quite sure what AppleGirl is talking about. Oh wait this isn’t an Apple product, I forgot if there is more than one button it’ll be hard for her to use 😉

Also, the dual mode view is neat. It’ll allow you to search your shows, browse the internet and watch TV all at the same time.

As for major networks blocking Google TV, Google is actively negotiating with them. It’ll be a matter of time before this becomes available again. Think of the extra revenue that the networks can bring in from the advertisements alone. This power just needs to be harnessed correctly.

Keep in mind this is the first generation Google TV and there’s a lot of interest from many different manufacturer (umm unlike the Apple monopoly). Samsung is also jumping on the Google TV bandwagon and ditching their own version of internet TV.

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