Hurray for free Satellite Navigation!


NavFree App on the iPhone now offers turn by turn navigation with voice directions, automatic rerouting and the very convenient Google and Bing searches. The best part about the App is that it’s free! No need to shell out tens of dollars to Tom Tom, Garmin and the like.


The App is free because it uses OpenStreetMap which people say is like the “Wikipedia of Maps” meaning that, where necessary users will fill in missing gaps in the maps.  I used it recently and it worked pretty well. So unless you live in no man’s land, you have a good GPS navigation tool on your phone.

Now I’m sure NavFree will drag those prices down for the other expensive navigation Apps like  Tom-Tom, Garmin,  etc. It also doesn’t help Google Maps on which iPhone users were relying on for directions until now.

Source: IntoMobile


Finally! No more reading directions for the AppleGirl. However, Android users have had this for over a year 🙂


NavFree does require a data connection to search for an address very similar to Google Navigation.  Other than that the maps are stored on the phone itself so no data connection is needed for navigation which is a really good feature.

It doesn’t have traffic view which is one thing that I love about Google Navigation. However, Navfree is a good alternative to Google Navigation since it’s not available on the iPhone.


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