Giant Nexus S and iPhone alarm blues!


Here’s a Nexus S that all you fAndroids will love! Google installed the giant Nexus S at Best Buy in San Carlos, California with a 42 inch touch screen, a working camera and even internet connectivity. GoogleChic, I am sure you would love to go check this one out. But wait, you should watch the video first. It might not be worth the trip 😉

Source: TechCrunch


What can I say, the giant Nexus S looks nice and attractive but it just doesn’t work well on a larger scale 🙂

AppleGirl, at least it’s functional unlike the recurring iPhone alarm issue of yours ;). I thought the alarm issue was supposed to have been fixed by Jan 3rd 2011, but it looks like it didn’t fix itself as Apple had promised. Did you miss any important appointments? Maybe it’s time to dig up an old school alarm clock just in case.


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