AT&T vs. Verizon … iPhone carrier war begins! – Part 1


With Verizon’s iPhone release, the official mobile operator war has begun! GoogleChic, have you seen carriers fight over an Android phone like this? 🙂

Round 1: The general consensus has been that Verizon’s voice quality is better (of course, no antenna gate on Verizon). After ignoring all its major pitfalls while it reaped the ample Apple benefits, AT&T (we have heard) has attempted a come back by offering free microcell devices (to boost signal strength) to select customers. Boo AT&T!

Winner : Verizon

Round 2: The lack of simultaneous voice and data calls has been Verizon’s Achilles’ heel and as predicted AT&T has released a commercial targeting just that.

Winner: AT&T

Look out for our continuous coverage as the war unfolds 🙂 Deciding between AT&T iPhone and Verizon iPhone? Check out our AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone decision maker blog!

Verizon Ad dissing AT&T over signal strength

AT&T ad dissing Verizon over simultaneous data and voice


AppleGirl, do you remember the Droid Does commercials? I would say that was a pretty good smack down by Verizon 🙂

I can’t wait to see what new ads come tomorrow during the Super bowl. I’m sure both carriers  are going to turn up the heat!

Check out the pricing comparison below. Verizon looks to come out on top with it’s unlimited data plan pricing. However, if  you’re a heavy data user and fall into the top 5% in this category, Verizon just announced that they will throttle your speed.  Ouch, the unlimited data plan is not quite the unlimited that one would have hoped for?

I’ll let y’all decide who wins the data pricing round.



source: engadget

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