T-mobile joins the carrier wars!


Looks like T-mobile wants to join in on the iPhone bashing and carrier war. Check out the new commercial, it’s pretty darn funny!

Hey, what can you say, it is the truth, no 4G for the iPhone right now 🙂


The most popular thing about the T-Mobile 4G ads is not that they have deftly mocked the Mac vs PC ad or that they have poked holes in AT&T’s network, but its the girl in the pink and white dress. For the curious lot, her name is Jessica Pare (from Mad Men Season 4). Unfortunately for T-Mobile, geeks are gawking at the girl more than at the phones.

T-Mobile is desperate for any shot it can get at AT&T and Verizon. Cos 4G or not, T-Mobile knows who’s got the million dollar baby 🙂

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