Original iPad on sale!


With the release of Apple’s revolutionary iPad2 (I can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂 More to come on this soon!), the good news for consumers is that the original iPad prices just dropped $100.

  • iPad 16g WiFi Only: $399
  • iPad 32g WiFi Only: $499
  • iPad 64g WiFi Only: $599
  • iPad 16g WiFi + 3G: $529
  • iPad 32g WiFi + 3G: $629
  • iPad 64g WiFi + 3G: $729
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3 Responses to “Original iPad on sale!”

  1. Apple girl, i was just wondering how is iPad2 revolutionary as compared to the original iPad.

  2. Faisal, here’s a funny blog we put together about the revolutionary iPad 🙂 https://gizmotiff.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/just-for-kicks-ipad-2/ But seriously, don’t you think the design is revolutionary?? The competitors may be selling a dual core tablet with two cameras, but not at this price.


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