iPad 2 – the newest iDevice in the market!


Here is our official iPad 2 blog. Steve Jobs plugged in most of the features we had estimated to see on the iPad 2 except for a higher resolution display (or a Retina display). But not to worry, even without the Retina display, iPad is still the best tablet in the market 🙂

1. Size

The iPad 2 will have the same 9.7 inch display but will be 33% thinner than the original iPad and thinner than the iPhone 4 too! Thank you Apple for setting the trend for others to follow.

2. Front and rear facing cameras

The iPad 2 will have two cameras and it supports Facetime. I know GoogleChic will complain about two cameras and video chatting not being new on tablets. But the key is that Apple is building an integrated device line up and this feature brings the iPad up to par with the rest of Apple’s products giving you the best performance and awesome user experience.

3. 1GHz dual core A5 chip, improved graphics processor and a gyroscope

Apple has doubled the iPads processing power with the in house A5 chip along with 9 times increased graphics processing capability and a gyroscope. Say hello to a faster iPad with potential for intensive gaming and navigation.

4. Battery life

Apple managed to squeeze all the new improvements without affecting its battery life. I’m literally on the verge of shredding my Windows Vista laptop for it has a battery life shorter than the shortest lifespan of a MayFly (yes that’s hardly 30 minutes!). A battery life of 10 hours is a welcome relief to me and I’m sure to all of you as well!

5. iOS 4.3
iOS 4.3 has some new features overlayed on the older version of iOS. It will give an improved browser (Safari) performance, wireless music and video sharing with iTunes on your computer, AirPlay to Apple TV from third party applications and web along with letting you choose between using the iPad switch as a rotation lock or as a mute switch. In addition it comes with the Facetime, PhotoBooth, iMovie, GarageBand (the latter 2 Apps cost $4.99 each) specifically designed for the newly camera enriched iPad 2. Are you wondering how iOS on iPad matches up to Honeycomb on an Android tablet? Watch out for our iOS vs Honeycomb battle blog 🙂

6. Smart Covers
If you are one of those visual kinds, you will like this new feature. Apple designed the iPad 2 with a smart cover to protect the iPad’s display. Built in magnets in the iPad draw the smart cover for a snug fit and the smart cover wakes and stands up the iPad. It comes in 10 bright polyurethane and leather covers. We have more inside scoop on the smart covers. Look out for our iPad 2 smart cover blog 🙂

7. Black and White iPad
This isn’t a big deal if you don’t care about the color and care more about the meat inside the iPad. But hey with smart covers, you can actually show off the white iPad.
8. Price
Apple has kept the prices on the iPad 2 same as that of the original iPad. It has a starting price of $499 for the 16GB Wifi only model. Yes, both the black and the white models cost the same! Check out Apple’s site for more model and pricing information. However, if you are counting your pennies, you could get the original iPad (Apple just dropped $100 on the original iPad) Keep in mind that you will get the iOS 4.3 features on the old iPad as well.

9. Shipping
The new iPad 2 is available starting March 11 online as well as at the Apple stores.
Now let’s hear what GoogleChic thinks of the new iPad 🙂
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Like I’ve said before, Apple designs very slick hardware and they’ve done it again with the iPad 2. It’s the thinest tablet out there.

With that said there are some disappointing things about the iPad 2

1. Display

The screen size and resolution remains the same as the original iPad,1024 X 768. More than the screen size, I think a lot of people were hoping for the Retina display.

2. Memory

There was no mention of how much RAM the iPad 2 would contain. Hopefully, more than the 256 MB in the original iPad but I guess we won’t know until March 11th.

3. Camera

Yes, there is now a front facing and rear camera. The rear camera supposedly can record 720p videos, but it takes still pictures at 0.92 megapixel?! No, that’s not a typo, that’s a big OUCH! So pretty much Apple is giving you two holes to go with your iPad 2. I was going to mention that there’s no flash on the iPad 2, but I guess you won’t need it because all you’ll be taking are Mr. Blurry cam pictures.

4. Post PC device

The iPad is suppose to be a post-PC device, but ironically to update the software you’ll have to hook your device up to a PC.

5. HDMI & SD card

It’s not a surprise that there’s no SD card slot. Guess you’ll have to keep syncing it back to your PC ;). As for the HDMI slot, a lot of people asked for it and Apple’s solution is a $39 doggle? From the looks of it, it doesn’t support widescreen?

It’s interesting how Steve Jobs claims that the iPad is a “magical & revolutionary device”.  There’s only a couple of things missing 😉

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