Nike+ GPS free on iOS for a limited time!


If you are a runner like GoogleChic here, you will love this deal. But of course, GoogleChic can’t get this deal on Android!
Nike+ GPS is free on iOS (normally priced at $1.99) for a limited time.  The App lets you record your pace, distance and run route along with feedback and motivation (yes, we all need it!). Steve Jobs, once told Nike CEO, Mark Parker to get rid of all the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff. Looks like, Mark heeded Steve Jobs’ advice :D


This started as a one sided post from AppleGirl, but if you know me, all I talk about is running and Android. So how can I pass this one up?!

While I’m happy that they’re offering the Nike + GPS for free (hopefully this will motivate some of y’all to get off that couch!). I have to say there’s a comparable app that is ALWAYS free on Android. The Cardio Trainer app will track your distance and pace using GPS. What’s really nice is if you’re listening to music on your run, it’ll pause your music and read out the distance at an interval of your choice. Of course, hopefully you’re not road running with those headphones on!

It also supports a treadmill mode to track your walking/running while indoors. 

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